Extra Questions Answers Who Did Patrick Homework ? Class 6 English

 Extra Questions with Answers Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 1 Who Did Patrick's Homework ?

Here we, Textual Solution are providing Extra Question and Answers of chapter Who Did Patrick's Homework ?

Very Short Answer Questions (a word/phrase or a sentence)

Q.1. Who really did Patrick's homework - Patrick himself or the little man ?
Patrick himself

Q.2. What was Patrick's favourite  activity - learning or playing ?

Q.3. What forewarning did Patrick's teachers give ?
Do your homework or you won't learn a thing.

Q.4. What was his attitude towards homework ?
Patrick hated homework.

Q.5. What request did the small man make to Patrick ?
"Save me ! Don't give me back to the cat."

Q.6. What promise did the elf make to his saviour, Patrick ?
The elf promised to fulfil one wish of Patrick.

Q.7. "Oh, am I Cursed !"Why did the elf think so ?
The elf thought so because doing homework was beyond his reach or ability.

Q.8. Patrick was out of luck. How and When ?
Patrick ran out of luck when it came to doing sums. He had to set beside the elf and guide him.

Q.9. The elf was free to go. When ?
On the last of school when all the homework had be done.

Q.10. What secret does the author want to share with readers ?
'It wasn't the elf; Patrick had done it (homework) himself.

Short Answer Questions (Answer in 30 - 40 words)

Q.1. What opinion do you form about Patrick ?
Patrick was a careless and irresponsible student. He never did his homework. He was unhappy when the elf promised to do all that. But prompted by the elf, Patrick did all the work himself. He also became a model kid later on. So he was not really bad boy by nature.

Q.2. How did Patrick get his pending homework done in time ?
Patrick engaged the elf in big task of doing homework within 35 days. The elf agreed to keep his promise. But he did not understand math, history or even English. So he sought Patrick's constant help. The joint effort enabled Patrick to finish all the homework in time.

Q.3. How was the pact regarding homework between Patrick and the elf finalised ?
Patrick grabbed the little doll away from his cat. The doll was, in fact, an elf in trouble. He was afraid of being killed by the cat. Patrick saved the little man's life. In return the little man promised to fulfill one wish of his saviour. Thus the project was taken up and completed.

Q.4. Patrick developed a whole new attitude. Elaborate.
Patrick worked hard to guide the little man in doing homework. He became serious, hardworking and self reliant. He scored A grade in every subject. He also cultivated the habit of cleaning his room, doing his daily work cheerfully and being polite in speech. Such change in his behaviour and habit was wondered at and admired by his classmates, teachers and even parents.
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